Welcome to PlusPortals


Bishop Gorman is excited to announce the implementation of the PlusPortals by Rediker; the new and improved way to access student information online!

Fully integrated with AdminPlus and the TeacherPlus Gradebook, PlusPortals are a family of interactive web portals that enable school administrators and teachers to instantly share data and engage with parents and students in a secure environment. By logging on you will have access to your student's updated grades, transcripts, attendance, registration, schedule, and even disciplinary referrals.

NEW ParentPlus Portal Accounts must be activated via email! This means parents must have unique email addresses on file in AdministratorsPlus. This contact information was originally pulled from the Application for Admission.  In the event that an email address needs to be added/removed/edited please contact your student’s counselor or the Director of Instructional Technology, Ms. April Sauline. Access is available to and can be request for any parent/guardian of a currently-enrolled Bishop Gorman student.

Access to StudentPlus Portal Accounts is tied directly to students’ Gorman Google accounts. All students are given a Gorman Google account to access Gmail/Email, the Google Drive, YouTube, the Portal, and any other school-associated accounts they are asked to create.

The file-naming convention for the Gorman Google account is as follows: 

   The first letter of the student’s formal name on file 
   The full surname of the student on file (including any dashes/hyphens) 
   The last 4 digits of the student’s Unique ID 

[For example: jdoe1234@bghscloud.org]

Direct Link to PlusPortals is: www.plusportals.com/bishopgorman


Please contact the Director of Instructional Technology, Ms. April Sauline asauline@bishopgorman.org with any questions.